Monday, October 24, 2005

Junk Mail

For the record, my real name is not J.J.. I't’s a nickname. Now, as nicknames go, it’s all fine and dandy. I can think of worse. (J.J.J. for instance, but what do I look like - a bad tempered, cigar chomping owner of a big business who hates spider-man? scratch that.)

Anyway, it doesn’t seem to stop the ton of junk mail I get supposedly coming to me. I mean really! Once they get a wrong name on their little computerized lists everything starts ta flood in. I get junk mail now coming to Dr. J. Jay, Jay Jayson, J.J.J.J.J.J.J jr. and so on. Not to mention sending it to my real name…or at least trying to. No I am not “Mouthpick moosepok moreslurp gooberscooperton plowpucker!!! Or any variations of said name for that matter.

It doesn’t matter. Once on their mailing list you just can’t stop the influx of pamphlets, catalogs, magazines, and fund raiser notices. Things I never even heard of. Such as Rolling Sith, Better homes and Death Stars, R2 Guide, Teen Sith, Swank…hmmm, nothing wrong with that one. Secret Jedi vacation homes, Road and Roboclaw, Senatorial Fashion Today, Good Gungan Housekeeping, Hutt-Life, the lists keeps coming.

I’ve tried writing to them to stop sending me this crap but all they do is turn around and send it to me again under another wrong name.

Then I got the latest pamphlet today and I got ta say, I was a bit worried.

Who knew their reach has grown so far…?


Jon the Intergalactic Gladiator said...

Man, that looks like it's just an accident waiting to happen. Those aren't lightsaber-proof helmets, per chance, are they?

flu said...

If they're anything like mine, they aren't even forehead slap-proof.

Master Yoda said...

As useless as those AOL cd's, those FOOF brochures are.

So changed their name to FOOF For Tots they have. Better than their old name, "The FOOF Scouts", it is.