Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Guest Poster-Count Dooku: Home Alone

Oh dear me, it’s dreadfully quiet around here. Now that my old padawan Qui-Gon has gone off into the Æther once more and that rather repulsive little Jawa has gone off to some pedestrian game show contest. What a droll little man.

And although I do enjoy their luxury apartment and the fact I can now go to the bathroom with the door wide open, there still seems to be a lack of…how should I say it…interesting activities for me to attend to.

So I am turning to you kind folks out there to help me decide just what subject I should post about in the coming weeks.

1. Give pointers on the fine art of Sith lawn bowls.

2. Talk smack about Yoda

3. Go out, get drunk and pick up some separatist chicks.

4. Make a delicious cream puff

5. Talk smack about Yoda

6. Choke the weasel (if you know what I mean)

7. Choke an actual weasel.

8. Crank call Darth Sidious

9. Discuss top hat accessories.

10. Show the proper way to house train a wookiee.

11. Dance Dance Revolution

12. Lance that troublesome boil on my backside

13. Talk smack about Yoda

Well, that’s it for now. I do hope some of you would drop me a line and tell me what I should do to pass the time here. Watching the telly can be so dreadfully boring. Especially when the only channel you get is the Jawa Discovery Channel. (How terribly peasant)



Master Yoda said...

"Jumping off of a cliff", I vote for.

Oh, sorry I am, on the list was that?

Revan said...

Sepritist chicks?

Jabafatboy said...

Talk about smakin yoda .... OH sorry that was talk smak ABOUT yoda !!!

After eatin this stuff he's cooked I'll be smakin somethin !!

A Army Of (Cl)One said...

While Yoda is away, get the Youngling Harvey to come over and convert him to the dark side. He can be the perfect spy, as long as he stops eating paste

Private Hudson said...

You're trolling for Sepritist chicks? I am so there!

Son Goku said...

I tried crank calling Darth sidious once, he doesn't get a lot of jokes

flu said...

Grind the axe, old man. Grind the axe.

Lt. Cmdr Oneida said...

2. Talk smack about Yoda

3. Go out, get drunk and pick up some separatist chicks

Oh, and definitely some DDR, you should do the one with the camera that requires hand movements

Vampirella said...

Hey JJ have you heard of http://www.pollhost.com/
I kind did the same and used that then just link it to the next post

I vote dance dance revolution :)