Wednesday, June 22, 2005

I'm a Free Jawa!!

My crazy uncle E'eooti came through and bailed me out the other day. Now I can get back to buisness...or so I thought. It seems my co-workers have decided to take the month off and hit the Monster Crawler circuit. Apparently there's good money in destroying landspeaders this way. Of course they all got up and left without me while I was languishing away with harden criminals. But hey, at least I got this cool tatoo of Suzanne Summers!

Now that I'd be out of work for a month, I told my uncle I had no way to pay him back. But this, he corrected me on. It seems he wants me to clean up some newly acquired property on Corrisant. (Apparently my uncle has been holding out on the rest of the family. It seems he owns a huge chunk of stock in the Toshi Station Franchise and has been living like one the Hutts without our knowing about it.) It's some deluxe penthouse appartment that once belonged to a Jedi who has been dead for quite a while. (...some Qui Gon Gin or whatever) He says I need to open up the place and let it air out. ...Lots of strange odors. And there's a couple of odd rooms to clean up too. --a hot house garden where strange sticky plants have grown wild...a purple plush carpet passion pit...a kitchen crammed full of twenty year old brownies...hmmm. Maybe I'll stay there for a month or so.

The only draw back is that from time to time the appartment gets squattes...migrants who travel the universe following some guy named Phish. In any case, this will be my first trip off this rock and I'm looking forward to finally getting away.

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flu said...

Hmmm...this new apartment your uncle acquired from Kwang-Gong-Tong, or whoever, sounds like it may be a bit much for a Jawa to clean all by his onesy. I may have to help out for a few weeks...uh...don't throw out the brownies just yet.

...I'll be by after I'm done with Jabba, that is.