Thursday, June 16, 2005

Playing chess with Yoda

As you can guess, there isn't much to do when I'm not out scrounging for droids. It's a lonely life, that of a droid-repo jawa. But at least I can call my own hours.

I decided to take up playing chess during my down time. I thought it was time I did something else besides drink "Ol' Mos Eisley" and shoot wamp rats with a B-B gun like the rest of my co-workers. I'm still not that good at it and there's hardly anyone else to play with. I was fortunate one day to find Master Yoda in one of those seldom visited coffee house cantinas and he was more than willing to help me further my game. As a wise Jedi Master, he was always there with a helpful hint or suggestion on my skills.
"The knight, you don't want to move," he would tell me.
"I don't want to move the knight," I would reply.
"The pawn, you wish to move," he added.
"I think I'll move this pawn."
"Now along you must move."
"I'm hurrying, I'm hurrying."

He really helped me out a lot. I still haven't won one game with him yet, but that is to be expected. He is, after all, a master.

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