Monday, June 27, 2005

So You Want A New Speeder, eh?

Only a few days on coruscant and I'm already gaining a reputation for acquiring great deals for tricked out speeders. It seems Jar Jar wants a new speeder so I asked he to come my way. After all, who better than a jawa can hot a great speeder for half price?
At first he was a little leary (or maybe he was drunk, hard to tell with Gungan) but then I told him of my last customer just the other day.
Anikan has been whining to me since the party that he needs some 'Dope-crazy-fly' speeder so he can pick up some 'dogs in heat' ...or something like that. So after a quick twenty-four hour search and a few special modifications, look at the tricked out speeder he now has.

As you can see, this pimped out ride has got everything the new 'thugged-out' Jedi could want!
So come on down, Jar Jar, and I'll get you a ride made to your own specifications. (I already have a twenty-four caret gold drool cup ready to install for you.)


Aayla Secura said...

You seem to be good at redecorating speeders...think you can help with my room?

flu said...

Hey JJ, Maybe you could help me pimp out my new spaceship soon.

Oh, and Master Yoda has lost his fuzzy dice, maybe you can hook him up with a new pair.

JawaJuice said...

Always to be of service.

Han Solo said...

Can you help me find another pair of dice to hang by my windshield? My last pair disappeared for some reason.

j00|{z said...

What's with the little playboy in the corner?
And why not stea- I mean - borrow Anakin's fuzzy dice?

Qui-Gon Jinn said...

Fuzzy dice? Phish-posh.
What everyone needs is a nice beaded curtain and those little hangy pom-poms for trim around your dash. Oh, and rainbow tie-dye seats. That sounds far out. Too bad Dooku never let me decorate um, anything.
Have a brownie, guys.

Shaak Ti said...

Brownies? I dont think I trust your ha- I mean just plain-old brownies!