Thursday, June 23, 2005

Post Rescue/ Housewarming Party!

If there was ever a place to have a big ol' bash, it's in my new pad! Just look at it! Qui Gon knew how do decorate the place, that's for sure. And it was already stocked with these yummy things called brownies. So I called out the invites and turned the music up high.

7:45 : The first one to arrive was Obi Wan. He gave me a hasty greeting and raced over to the chips. He kinda stayed there for a few hours.

8:12 : Anakin arrived next. I didn't invite him. I pulled his hair back once while traveling the transport together and he now thinks we're "best buds" or something. Mace Windu was right behind him, with a scowl that followed Anakin where ever he walked. That is until he spotted the plate of brownies.

8:54 : Had to open another bag of cheetos for Ben. Anakin starts to compose a new gangsta' rap song. Chewie then arrives thinking he heard one of his kin scream for trouble. A moment later, he looks at Anakin and shakes his head in discust.

9:30 : Master Yoda, Fluke Starbucker and Aayla Secura finally make it here. (I'm not sure how they got transported from Tatooine but I suppose they'll tell us in their own that time of night, I was already on my third Dookutini and a little too buzzed to ask.) Fluke raised his arms to the crowd taking bows and saying "Thank you...thank you all. It was a hard mission, but thank the Spores, I...Fluke Starbucker...founder of the new Jedi Order wannabe, pulled it off again. I'll be available for autographs between ten and ten fifteen." He then made a clicking noise with his mouth while pointing his finger at everyone and winking. Aayla and Yoda rolled their eyes and headed straight to the mini bar.

10:15 : Fluke, after sitting in a corner for fifteen minutes surrounded by numerous 8x10 glossies of himself and a look of pure bafflement, finally gives up and wandered over to the mini bar.

11:02 : Padme and her pet frog finaly show up fashionably late. She said she had trouble deciding what to wear that said "I'm like...such a cool senator but i'm slumming it tonight." It looked like she was about to leave when she spied Anakin dancing around the room with a lamp shade on his head yelling "Who let the Trogs out?!? WHO! WHO-WHO!?!" I could have sworn she sighed and muttered under her breath, "Ain't he dreamy..."

11:53 : By now the place was really rockin'! Obi Wan, Mace and Yoda were playing quarters. -Funny how they always made Mace drink. Fluke was starting to make the moves on Aayla but I don't think his approach of "hey, pull my finger now" was working too well. Jar Jar was somewhere passed out in the shower after his first Bud Light.

Sometime after midnight : At this point, things start to get a bit hazy for me. I think Obi Wan was on his fifth bag of Cheetos and developing a fine crust on his robes. The last thing I remember was Yoda sitting on the couch sucking down another Mai Tai muttering "Much wisdom I give them. Listen, they do not. Mix drinks, you mustn't or spend much time praying to the porcelain god, you will. Stupid Skywalker..." At that point I heard the retching sounds of Anakin somewhere far away and shuddered.

The last thing I remember before drifting off was seeing the image of Qui Gon shimmering in the air and standing proudly overseeing us all with a content smile on his face. I think he then started singing "Comfortably Numb" but I'm not sure.

And that was it for me. I know the party lasted throughout the night but I was curled up in a corner drooling. I'm sure much more happend that night. Does anyone else remember anything? What other stories can you recall out there?


flu said...

What a kickin party!

Qui-Gon Jinn said...

Oh wow, man.
That party was so far out!
You sure know how to throw them and the place looked great before it. Though I'm not sure how you're going to get Ani puke out of the shag, man. No more brownies for him, he is like so cut off.
The nice thing about being all Living Forcey is that I don't get hangovers, man.

Aayla Secura said...

That was pretty awesome. I'm glad I shyed away from the cold ones...after you fell asleep, the others got on the mini-bar counter and started doing the can-can. After that, I don't know what happened, because I went outside to breath some cheetoless air.

Master Yoda said...

The part you forgot, when up on the table Windu jumped. His robe he whipped off, and yelled, "Going commando I am, and so free I feel!"

Fortunately, right after that he passed out.

By the way, leave some of my Dolly CD's did I?

JawaJuice said...

Dolly CD's? ...Dolly CD's....hmmm...
*Holy crap!*
I thought they were beer coasters!!

Obi Wan Kenobi said...

Hey fluke! Aayla's mine just because you rescued her doesnt mean you get to flirt with her? And the pull my finger move, girls just don't go for that! anyways im off for lightsaber practice....

Padmé said...

Well, umn, Senators like totally don't get drunk n stuff, but i had some green cocktail stuff and then it all went totally weird - like the floor was breathing! And all the walls were really swirly! It was so cool! I'm like, not sure what happened after that, but i woke up under the bed with someones speeder keys in my mouth...

Jar Jar Binks said...

Mesa triedsa tosa have showersa...Didn't knowsa howsa da stupid ting workedsa!So mesa gotsa beer bottle and mesa smashed it onsa da stupid ting! Den mesa dropsa da beer bottle and disa landsa on mesa headsa...Ughsa. Mesa getsa knocked out and mesa fall onto da floorsa. Mesa remember when mesa throw da ice pop atsa Fluke, and hesa gosa crying to Chewie, and Chewie isa likesa "Go(sa) complain(sa) to Yoda (sa)"

Aayla Secura said...

Don't forget about when Obi-Wan initiated "Undie Bowling".

It was a bit disturbing to see him and Anakin slide across the floor in nothing but underpants to see who could knock over the most beer cans.

Fortunately, it was only the two of them who played. They wouldn't allow Windu to participate because he wasn't wearing any underwear. They said it gave an "unfair advantage".

Frankly, I think it's all quite gross.

Count Dooku said...

The party was today?
Oh dearie me, and I was just getting my suit drycleaned, and my top hat polished.