Wednesday, July 06, 2005

Come get some num-nums!!!

Well, here they are. After days of mixing and baking and packaging we finally finished our special brownies. -Let me tell you, it was no easy trick finding a gallon of vanilla extract at three in the morning. With Qui-Gons ancient recipe and my marketing skills, I think we have a nice little product to sell. What do you think?
Now I'm really off for a little vacation. -I need to get away from the "baking fumes" for a while and clear my head. First stop: Six Flags over Corucaunt. ya can't eat just one...


flu said...

cool, how much? and... do I still get my standard discount, even on these?

oh, wait! *waves hand* I mean... I do get my standard discount - even on these!


uh, wait again....does this mean QGJ won't be handin' out freebies?!? That's kinda bummertastic.

flu said...
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JawaJuice said...

The brownies are, of course, free to close friends.
And that was my idea. Yup. Mine alone. No one put that thought in my noggin. Nope.
*feels a little light-headed. Sits down and rubs his head.*

Leia said...

Hey, I'd like a bag! Lovin' the label, they look just like you!
Cant... read... warnings. But they're not important, are they?

Aayla Secura said...

Oooh...I must have some! They'd be a nice filler to my fridge after Obi-Wan's ewok ate everything in there.

Han Solo said... ya can't eat just one...

I'll take that bet! I can eat just one, watch!

eats one

See? No problem. What do I win?

Han Solo said...

OK, that first one doesn't count, because it was small! I can eat just one, but it has to be bigger! Give me a real-sized one!

eats big brownie

Aaahhh... See? If I have a real one, that's all I need.

Qui-Gon Jinn said...

Oh, wow, man,
J.J., you've like outdone yourself, man!
Though we may want to peddle them in the parts of the galaxy that don't require the listing of the ingredients. Uh, that's um, 'cause, like, um, I don't want anyone to steal the magical mystery receipe, you know. And, like, of course I'll still give out free samples. I may need some product testers, as I am really like striving to make new flavours. Gotta beat out the Sith Scout Cookie Company (a subsidiary of Little Dookie Snacks).
Enjoy a taste of the Ether with Uncle Jinn and J.J.'s Brownies. Far out, man!
*offers out a plate of new S'Mores Brownies (TM)*
Uncle Jinn

Leia said...

Product testers?
Me first!
New flavors, eh? How about cheese?

Aayla Secura said...

How about coffee flavored?!?
JJ, you and Uncle Quiggy must drop by so we can discuss the distribution of your special brownies. I'd be glad to send a few starfighters full of them back home to Ryloth. I hear the brownie industry there is growing quite rapidly.

Jon the Intergalactic Gladiator said...

Heh heh, these brownies are so cool. I wish that I had some when I met the space hippies.

I got my space bongos, who wants to jam?