Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Trouble in the Temple

I remember my first visit to the Jedi Temple like it was a month ago.

The place was huge. I’ve never seen anything so big before. At least, that wasn’t a Hutt. I guess I got carried away with all the splendor, because the next thing you know I’m wandering around those halls and I have no idea where I’m at. It was getting late too and I know they don’t allow visitors after six.

I think I found the right path out when lo and behold, I see Master Yoda on the ground. He seemed to be wriggling and clawing at the carpet. I scanned the hallway but there didn’t seem to be anyone else around.

“Um….Master Yoda…Are you all right?”

“Hm? Yes. Fine, I am. Mind me not.”

“um…Master Yoda? What are you doing?”

“Eh….Lost a contact I have. Fell here, somewhere it did. Fine, I will be. Go now, you must. Closing for visitors, the Temple will be.”

I suppose he knew best but I really wanted to help him. I started to leave then thought better of it and knelt down beside him.

“No. No. Fine, I will be. Bother not, please.”

“Master Yoda….Is...is your face crazy glued to the carpet?”

He gave an exasperated sigh. “To the floor, my face is glued, yes. On my model airplanes, I was working on all night. On my nose, some glue must have gotten. Over my stupid feet, I tripped. Face down, I landed. Been here ever since, I have.”

“And no one has come to help you?”

NO! no. No help I need. If other Jedi see me, much teasing I will receive. Better to wait until the old skin has fallen off.”

“Well this can’t be comfortable. Let me go get someone to help.”

“No. Forget you have seen me.” He then tried to wave his little green hand at me in a failed attempt to erase my mind, but seeing as his face was pushed against the rug his aim was a bit off. I side stepped his attempts and stepped back.

“Eh…almost free, anyway. Tell no one of this, please. Give you free tickets to Cats, I will.”

“I won’t tell, Master Yoda. I promise.”

I then took this picture.

When it gets developed, I won’t say a word.


Leia said...

lol! You get to embarass Yoda and see Cats for free. He should be glued down more often.

Chancellor Palpatine said...

You should have held out for tickets to Spamalot. I hear they are much harder to come by.

Anakin Skywalker said...

Workin on his model airplanes... riiight. He just don't wanna admit that he was tryin to make a glue-mask.

Aayla Secura said...

Anakin's right. Padme told him that glue-masks got rid of wrinkles and made your skin softer than pink pumas.

flu said...

JJ, are you not the tickle bandit that I thought you were?

You missed a GOLDEN opp, right there, my friend.

jedisiri said...

wow may i have a model house,master yoda?and some Cats tickets?

Anakin Skywalker said...

Pink pumas, A-girl? Sounds like I'm not the only one been huffin glue.

... um... I mean... not huffin glue.

Master Yoda said...

Proud of yourself are you? Taken advantage of an elderly person you have. A big man you are, yes?

When next time we meet, finish that mind-wipe I will. Only very thorough it will be. Forgotten how to tie your shoes you will have after finished with you I am.

P.S. Hmph!

flu said...

JJ, just when was your last visit to the Jedi Temple?

Anakin Skywalker said...

Do jawas wear shoes, Y-dawg?

JawaJuice said...

Took the Jedi Universal Studios just before whole Lando thing.
--can't post everything I do. Next thing you know, you'll want to know when I have a bowel movement.


Anakin Skywalker said...

Good to know, little-homes.

And please don't be tellin us when you have a BM. There's some shizzy peeps jus don't need to know, G.

flu said...

...so, no wonder you remember the visit to the Temple like it was a month ago...it was!

JJ...between you and me...

looks around, moves in a little closer, whispers into side of hood

...everybody knows when you go... or, at least when you've been... you tend to *shudder* linger...

Jedi Amanda said...