Thursday, August 18, 2005

Chapter 7: Enter the Squirrel

We were in deep poodoo! Space Lemurs were everywhere! And me with just a simple blaster. I tried firing at anything that moves, just like me ol friend Fluke taught me, but that only got Obi-Wan and Padmé angrier.

J.J.!” Obi-Wan yelled at me while slicing another Lemur in half. “Watch where you’re shooting that thing. We’re trying to help you, remember.”
That’s when Padmé lost it. “AHHH! They’re in my hair! THAT’S IT!!!! I’VE HAD IT!!!” Then she started firing like a Rodian hopped up on death sticks!

“Bloody great!” Obi-Wan muttered to himself. “Looks like I’m going to have to save us all…again.”

Just then, dozens more came falling out of the trees. Padmé started to fall back and Obi-Wan raced over to her.

Just then Threepio walked into the clearing.

“What’s all the commotion? I was trying to…oh my! Lemurs. Run R2!”

This is why I can’t stand droids. They freak out too easily. The tin man started running away which naturally caused the lemurs to follow. Padmé too started to run after Threepio which caused Obi-Wan to follow. Before they knew it, they came to a sudden cliff and before they could stop….

“No!!!! Padmé!!! Obi-Wan!!!!” But it was too late. Off the side of the cliff they fell. Just like lemmings. Now I was alone…with dozens of vile space lemurs! I started blasting away but there were just too many of them.

Then suddenly, missiles started to fly at them, blasting them to banthaburger.


It was R2! Thank goodness he stayed around. Who knew he had an arsenal of weapons at his disposal?

The lemurs, fearing R2’s missiles, ran like scared rabbits back into the forest interior.

“Very good. You have done very well for yourself, my jawa friend.”

I spun around where I stood blaster ready when I saw….him.

“No need for that. Your little metal friend took care of the lemurs. You were quite lucky, J.J.”

“Who are ya? And how do you know my name?”

“I have been waiting for you. The prophecy of Mad’da Ghast-Garr told me of your coming.”

“But my friends…they fell over the…”

“I sense that they are all right. That droid of theirs broke their fall, I think.”

“You’re a squirrel.”

“Hmmm…a mental giant you are. I am more than a squirrel. I am the last of the Nuteye knights. My name is Yado! And I have been waiting many years for you to come to me.”

“Ya? Why’s that?”

“Because it is fortold that YOU will bring balance to the lemurs!”

...To be continued


Master Yoda said...

The Nuteye Knights...hmm...played against their softball team the Order has I think.

flu said...

... we need to modify your blaster a tad...

... and oo...WoW! That is one FINE emerald cloak that squirrel has! Keep your eye on him - squirrels like nuts

and ....OMG! You're the one the ancient prophecy spoke of as bringing balance to the Lemurs? ...but then, why are they attacking you? It seems like they would be... uh... you know... enticing you with their charms... wooing you with their wares... giddy-upping your valiant steed... you know, stuff like that.

JawaJuice said..., well, most will be explained next chapter.

Leia said...

Don't fulfill it! Run away!

jedisiri said...

yado...mmm...i have seen such thing...yes it's yoda's relative!

Chancellor Palpatine said...

Mmmmm. Squirrel is good fried up in oil...

owenlars said...

WOW! It's like a cool movie or something. I'd like to see some of this in the upcoming TV series.

Shannon said...

You may very well be the Lemurs' Chosen One, but I sense great danger here. Remember: acorns are the path to the dark side.

Han Solo said...

acorns are the path to the dark side

What? Now that's just nutty!