Friday, August 05, 2005

Them's Good Eating!

So, it looked like the Mabbitt Tribe got to have some good old home eats. Made me start thinking about some of the tasty vittles my family use to cook up when I was a kid.
Everyone had a favorite dish they liked to make. My da would always brake out the BBQ, stoke up the fire nice and big and make his famous Sweet and Spicy Ronto Ribs! It's an old family recipe but since he's dead, I'll tell you.
First you take a few of them big ol ten pounder riblits, rub them with a mixture of salt, paprika, charred womprat brains, garlic, sweet and sour Sarlacc Spittle (don't get the green kind in a can, try to get fresh), sage and lots of Uncle Kracky's © Super Spaztamoniastastic Red Pepper sauce. If it doesn't give you third degree burns the next morning (if you know what I mean), then you didn't put enough on. Next put the ribs on the fire and watch the grease drip. Ronto ribs are big so they may take a few hours to cook but that's okay. Do what we do around the J.J. household and just drink heavily until someone falls in the pit and catches fire.


Captain Typho said...


Hey, someone should throw a barbeque when we all get back to Coruscant!

Leia said...

Mmmm... roast jawas...